BBS Wheels are Beautifully Engineered

BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG (English: BBS Automotive Technology AG) is a high performance automobile wheel design company headquartered in Schiltach, Germany. BBS serves North America through BBS of America, located in Braselton, Georgia, adjacent to the Road Atlanta Racetrack. BBS produces wheels for motorsport, OEM, and aftermarket applications.

In 1972 BBS pioneered the development of a three-piece racing wheel, a revolution in motorsport design. Most recently BBS has engineered the Air Inside Technology (AIT) where hollow chambers are created within the wheel structure to compensate for the small air volume in modern ultra-low-profile tyres, reduce unsprung weight, improve handling dynamics, and increase fuel efficiency without sacrificing strength and rigidity.

The cross-spoke design, which superficially resembles a wire wheel, is extremely common on sports cars produced from the 1980s to the early 1990s, and is light in weight compared to many other styles. 

One of the most notable wheels of them all they have produced was the three-piece RS, released in 1977 and became a popular after-market features as well as being replicated by other manufacturers. Another wheel that has since become a popular design as well as being replicated by numerous companies is the RG, the company’s first wheel produced, known as Rennsport, a competition use only wheel has been copied by Speed Star Racing for its Formula Mesh series.

The company also supplies motorsports applications and is also the largest supplier of wheels for Indy Racing League Series and the main supplier of Formula One teams.

BBS Maufacturing and Technology (video)